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BFF: Bad Film Festival

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Program Type: Film
Age: Adults
Allowed Ages: 18 and older.
Registration for this event has closed.

If you’re a fan of Halloween (the holiday) or Mystery Science Theater (RiffTrax) you’ll LOVE the library’s Bad Film Festival. We’ll have popcorn and soda pop, or you can bring your own snack, meal, or covered drink (NO peanut products). Please note: This is NOT a silent movie experience. You can eat. You can talk. You can text. Silly but clean commentary is encouraged! Friends sponsored. Ages 18 & up. Watch for details. No registration! 


10:00am--The Tingler (1959)

11:35--Eegah! (1962)


2:00--Voyage to the Planet of  Prehistoric Women (1968)

3:40--Hobgoblins (1988)


6:00pm--Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959)