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Doctor Who Party - Help Wanted...

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Program Type: Program
Allowed Ages: 10 and older.
Registration for this event has closed.

Looking for candidates to fit the following profiles: 

  • Must not be prone to space sickness and must have a good cardio tolerance as the position involves a shocking amount of running. 
  • Must agree not to cause time paradoxes…if you can help it. 
  • Candidates must be willing to sign a waiver stating that if they wind up taking permanent residence in an alternate dimension; become erased from existence and when reinstated are an Auton; are trapped in a past century; become part Time Lord and have to have their memory erased or die; become split into multiple versions of themselves with the final version’s existence constantly one second away from death; or become a digital existence in a library the size of a planet – they will not hold The Doctor, Gallifreyan High Council, or related parties responsible. 
  • No experience necessary, ability to suspend disbelief preferred.
  • Knowledge of multiple interstellar cultures is a plus but would be willing to train.
  • Problematic Mothers may disqualify candidate’s application.

A representative from the Gallifreyan High Council SRD (Species Resources Dept.) will be holding open interviews on Thursday, July 19 at 6:00pm in the WDM Public Library’s Community Room.  Please come prepared for an interview, preliminary training, games, and fun. 

Gallifrey is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion,  gender,  age, nationality,  planetary  origin, temporal state, or disability.

Program for ages 10 - Adult.  Costumes encouraged but not required.  Registration is recommended.